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Bora Bora JetBoard

what is it?

Become a new surfer!
We offer a private lesson on state-of-the-art thermal self-propelled Jetsurf boards.
You'll be accompanied by a qualified local instructor who will teach you the techniques you need to have fun.
In order to familiarize you with your board, each session is preceded by a 10-minute briefing during which the instructor explains the techniques required for jetboarding, then you'll do around 50 minutes of independent surfing.
Stand upright, or ride on your stomach like on a bodyboard, or on your knees like on a kneeboard.
There are many ways to surf the world's most beautiful lagoon!
The discipline is practised in complete safety, wearing the right equipment.
On the way back, enjoy a snack of fresh local fruit to help you recover!



Feel gratified to progress in a new discipline Experience the thrill of freedom to the rhythm of the bora bora lagoon. Transfers included from your hotel

Jetboard is for

Whether you come alone, as a couple or in family, and as long as you’re looking for fun & adventurous time, we’ll be thrilled to spend this time with you and share what Bora Bora has best to offer!

Jetboard is not for

For safety reasons and due to regulations, people over 105kg / 230 lb, under 14 years old, pregnant or having back problems may unfortunately not ride the boards but are more than welcome to accompany their close ones!